Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Assignment #6

This final reading assignment will be posted in our BlackBoard section within a few days of this blog post. You should submit your response there. Due date - August 1, 2008.Podcasting for Teachers - Read Chapter # 7 " Talking to the World - Podcast Format Possibilities".Imagine you have been given the task of creating a podcast for your school, something that will build esprit de corps, tie the community of learners together, help with parent outreach, and in general, be a source of pride and a showcase for the good work done at your school.What kind of podcast would you produce? How often would you 'post' an episode? While elements would you include? What would you do that isn't covered in the chapter? How do you see this powerful 'extra' impacting your school community? (250 words).

Student Response

A podcast for the school would be a lovely idea that would certainly create pride and a feeling of accomplishments both to faculty and students alike. Our school can use this inspiration to motivate the students to put the most effort and complete their best work. If I were to initiate and be responsible for a podcast at say my middle school, I do work for three schools, I would broadcast weekly. Since the middle school, the School of Essence, IS 311 where I work is organized in a way that there is a teacher for each subject, I would ask each teacher to have an input in every episode. We would meet to discuss and record a summary of the lessons for the week. The Week’s Focus would be the name of this segment, in which teachers basically, in 2 minutes or less, discuss what they taught in their respective classes for that week. We have a math, science, social studies, art and technology and English teacher for each grade. The 15 teachers will briefly highlight the important lessons for the week. It would be like a mini-lesson that students can catch up on. Also, students can be aware of what their adjacent students are studying. Total section running time should be about 30 minutes.

Another segment can be called: The Students in Focus and this would reveal the students that excelled in the week. This student can be given an opportunity to discuss his work which the teacher helps selects. A total of 3 students will be selected weekly, one per grade (6th, 7th and 8th grade) which the teachers will choose by vote. Total section should be about 7-8 minutes, giving each student a little over 2 minutes each.

The final segment of the podcast can be named Community in Focus and should feature any active community project, interesting field trips, awards or commendation received by the school by an outside source. Any grants, or parent involvement can be mentioned here. This final section can be about 7-8 minutes, completing a 45 minutes episode.

Episodes can be uploaded onto a blog or school website available to students, parents, teachers and other educators for downloading regularly or automatically as part of a free subscription. If the program is successful, it can be expanded to include video clips also downloadable to I-pods and onto computer, emailed and shared. A blog can be available to all for comments, suggestions, questions. Announcement can be posted there with any applicable links.

This would tie in our community of educators, students, parents, and leaders. Everyone can be aware of what the students are learning in their respective grades and content and who is excelling in their fields of study. Teachers can cross compare of what content should be included or might be lacking. People can also be informed and or involved in what is happening in their community through the Community in Focus segment. This would help motivate students to do their best work so they can be mentioned in the Students in Focus section. The impact would be positive.

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